Welcome to Cache Valley Pediatric Dentistry's activities page!

Print and color one of these activity pages and bring it to your appointment for a special prize!

-   Enjoy a variety of games, puzzles, mazes, printables, and more   -


Puzzles & Word Searches




Tooth Brush Bracelet {Adult Supervision Required}:

Follow the steps below to make your very own toothbrush bracelet! {in 8 easy steps}


Puzzles & Word Searches

Unscramble the dental words:

Be sure to cover the answers before you start!

Dental Word Search!

Beat the Dental word search by finding the hidden words! 18 words are hiding, can you find them all?



Hidden Dental Wordsearch

Find the hidden dental words!

A-MAZE-ing Message

Can you find and decipher the A-MAZE-ing hidden message in the maze! Start at the star and follow the arrows!


What A Tangle!

Oh no! Can you help untangled the floss puzzle! See if you can get from the microphone to the floss box in one try, then color the picture after for more fun!


Healthy Picnic Puzzle

Join Bert, Ernie, and Cookie in the healthy picnic puzzle. Cut out 9 pieces and make your healthy picnic!


Interactive Games

To Tell The Tooth

"Tell The Tooth" game show style quiz game with 5 rounds of multiple choice questions. Do you know the right answers?


Dental Adventure Game

Enjoy an adventurous trip around the U.S. All the while discovering new mini-games including fish throwing, alien blasting, and drilling and filling teeth. Check it out!

To Tell The Tooth - Cache Valley Pediatric Dentistry
Dental Adventure - Cache Valley Pediatric Dentistry

Brush Those Teeth

"Sesame Street Brush Those Teeth" is a game of skill. Can you beat the time?


Tooth Fairy Training Class

A play along interactive story all about Tooth Fairy training! Check it out!

Brush Those Teeth - Cache Valley Pediatric Dentistry
Tooth Fairy Training - Cache Valley Pediatric Dentistry

Count and Color

Count the number of toothbrushes then color them!


Finders Keepers Coloring

Find and color the things that keep your mouth healthy!

Count and Color - Cache Valley Pediatric Dentistry
Finders Keepers Coloring - Cache Valley Pediatric Dentistry

Dudley Visits the Dentist

Dudley the dinosaur visits the dentist for his first teeth cleaning.


Brushy Brush Song by Elmo

Elmo from Sesame Street singing Brushy Brush. A great teaching song about proper brushing! Check it out!