The cost of health and dental care continues to increase each year. In an effort to encourage good dental health and alleviate rising dental costs, we have developed an In-House Dental Loyalty Program available to patients who cannot obtain dental insurance or find that our plan costs less than their current dental coverage plan.  You are not required to participate in this plan. We have discounted fees for those who are paying out of pocket for services and do not wish to participate. This plan is designed to help our uninsured patients achieve an exceptional standard of care, while offering the best value available for pediatric care in Cache Valley.  

Annual Premium:               0-2 years old:     $175/year or $15/month

                                             3-5 years old:     $225/year or $20/month

                                             6-11 years old:   $275/year or $24/month

                                             12-20 years old: $300/year or $26/month

   Multiple children discount: after first child is enrolled, each additional child per family is discounted $60/year or $5/month                                                                                                                         

Plan Details:                      2 cleanings and check-ups per plan year:

                                           Check-Up 1:       Exam, bitewing x-rays, cleaning, fluoride

                                           Check-Up 2:       Exam, cleaning, fluoride

                                           One panoramic x-ray every 5 years.

                                           Deeply discounted fee schedule.

                                           Limited Orthodontics as needed offered at a reduced rate.

Plan benefits:       

No Annual Deductible
No Annual Maximums
No Preauthorizations Required
No Waiting Period or Eligibility Periods for Major Treatment
No Missing Tooth Clause Restrictions or Exclusions
Annual Enrollment Fee for each child is non-refundable
Annual Enrollment Fees are due at the first appointment of the year or can be paid early for the following year's enrollment. No exceptions.
Enrollment Date begins on the date the Enrollment fee is paid and will expire after 365 days.
Children in the same family can enroll at different times of the year.
All treatment must be PAID IN FULL at each visit to keep the plan in effect. No additional discounts or coupons may be applied to treatments.
The exams, bitewing, x-rays, and cleanings must occur withing the year of enrollment and cannot be carried over to the next year.
It is the patient's/parent's responsibility to make and keep appointments for his/her family members.
A $25 fee will incur for each missed appointment without a 24-hour advance notice.
Our program is not transferable to another party or uncovered child.
Participation cannot be combined with any other offer or dental plan.
All fees will be based on our practice's fees and not any other dental plan's fees.