state-of-the-art technology

At Cache Valley Pediatric Dentistry, we work hard to provide your kids with the very best dental care by combining an old-fashioned personal approach with state-of-the-art treatments and technology. Our goal is to care for and treat kids as quickly and efficiently as possible, and this means staying up to date with and employing all the latest technology.


Indoor castle playground and slide

OK, this isn't very state-of-the-art but it's one of our favorite things.  There's nothing better than hearing a sweet little voice calling from the top of the castle for her prince to come give her a kiss.  A close second is watching a brother and sister defend their castle from the fire-breathing dragon.  Things have gotten pretty intense in the imaginations of our patients around this castle!


composite fillings

Silver amalgam fillings have been widely used for decades, but advances in dental material now provide us with more esthetic and healthier ways to treat cavities. Tooth-colored fillings are composed of plastic resin and other materials. You may hear this material referred to as composite fillings or simply composites.

Tooth-colored fillings, unlike silver amalgam, bond directly to the tooth. This is a preferred method for protecting your child's oral health because we don’t need to remove a lot of healthy tooth structure to create a long-lasting filling. Tooth-colored fillings are also likely to minimize experience sensitivity to temperatures when compared to silver fillings.

waterlase pic2.jpg


We are pleased to offer the highly effective BIOLASE WaterLase™ technology in our office. This laser gum surgery system is revolutionizing the way certain dental procedures are performed, including treatments for periodontal disease and tooth decay.

The minimally invasive BIOLASE WaterLase™ system treats many dental conditions without causing excessive pain to the patient or injecting them with large amounts of anesthetic.

This laser treatment is great for patients who would like to receive laser gum surgery as an alternative to more traditional oral surgery methods.  The distinctive technology behind the BIOLASE WaterLase™ system makes it possible to cut through soft gum tissue or even hard bone tissue with minimal vibration or pressure.

Dr. Gehring is able to utilize this system while administering less anesthetic, due to the uniquely gentle way in which the laser operates. In some cases, patients do not need to receive any anesthetic at all and are quite comfortable to go through entire dental procedures when the laser is utilized. Those who suffer from anxiety due to past dental experiences or fear of needles are more likely to feel calm and relaxed. Laser-based dental care has also been shown to cause less swelling and bleeding at the treatment site. Patients have been shown to recover more quickly when laser treatments are utilized instead of traditional dental treatment methods.


TVs in the ceiling

Every patient chair in our office has a TV above it with a nearly unlimited selection of shows kids can choose from.  Those, combined with the TVs in our waiting rooms and sedation room, make for a grand total of SEVENTEEN TVs in our office.  We could throw a massive Superbowl party!

CV Pediatric Dentist-28.jpg

SIX (plus three) open bay hygiene benches

What this means for you, mom of several kids, is that we can see ALL of your kids at once.  We love big families and our assistants pride themselves in working efficiently to save busy moms time! 

'Plus three' refers to our teen room, where your older kids can relax on the full-size massage chairs* and be separated from our smaller patients.  Having a separate space has never made any of our teen-aged patients mad.

Six plus Three equals NINE total hygiene chairs!  And we know how to use 'em!



CV Pediatric Dentist-27.jpg

*massage chairs

Patient comfort is one of the most important factors in creating an ideal patient experience and a calmer, less anxious patient. Our massage chairs have multiple features that were created to relax our patients and provide comfort. The sculpted headrest, advanced lower lumbar support, and two layers of foam offer luxurious comfort and increased support. 
The heat and massage system offers a serene escape with a relaxing massage, while lumbar heat warms muscles for further relaxation. Your personal preferences are easily controlled with a remote hand control. Settings include high and low heat, three different massage patterns, and adjustable speed and intensity. 


IPad Bar

With games!  What more do we need to say?!









CV Pediatric Dentist-8.jpg





EyePlay is a virtual indoor playground that allows multiple players to interact with colorful graphics and sounds projected onto the floor.  Kids can play the giant piano, pop balloons, take the soccer challenge and more all on EyePlay.  This is by far the most popular feature in our office.


Isolite System

We recently implemented the use of Isodry Isolation Mouthpieces in our office and they are a game changer!  When this is put in place, your child's cheek and tongue are automatically retracted and protected, resulting in an immediate decrease in the risk of injury. The Mouthpiece covers the entrance to the throat, minimizing the chance of debris aspiration. This makes your child more comfortable and provides the additional benefit of being able to monitor their airway. The Mouthpiece's construction provides an extra layer of protection from dental instruments and controls children's busy tongues. They can comfortably rest their jaw thanks to the built-in bite block.


Text messaging

You can confirm and be reminded of your children's dental appointments by text message.  Just save our unique texting number, and you can send us a text anytime about anything.  Easy peasy!


digital x-rays

Digital x-rays are a method for dental imaging that allows us to send pictures directly to a computer for storage. In just a few moments, we can view the digitally perfect images and share them with you on a monitor so you can see exactly what we see.

Additionally, digital x-rays offer several other advantages over traditional film x-rays. The software lets us enlarge the image, which helps Dr. Gehring to see even the tiniest changes, which wouldn't be seen during a visual oral exam.

Digital x-rays are safer for you because they significantly reduce your exposure to radiation. State-of-the-art digital images are also better for the environment since we don’t have to worry about safely disposing of potentially hazardous materials used with traditional film x-rays. 

intraoral camera.jpeg

INtraoral camera

Intraoral cameras are a special type of camera developed specifically for use in dentistry. This handheld instrument allows us to show you images of your child's mouth so you get a clear picture of what’s happening and why treatment is necessary.

An intraoral camera is very small, about the size of a pen. Using this specialized equipment, we can show you clear, precise images of your teeth and gums. This information helps you see what we see and also allows us to make an accurate diagnosis. The clear, enlarged images, show us details that may be missed during a standard visual exam.